Pink nails have a tender appearance.

How to get pedicure nails

Apparatus pedicure: stepping for home and pedicure salons

  • First of all, in order to protect the respiratory tracks, the master has to put on a special mask on the face. This thing is sold in any drugstore and costs not much.
  • The next step is a mandatory treatment of foot skin with special antiseptic. The antiseptic is sprayed onto the toes and foot and gently wiped with a napkin.
  • Further, the nails are given the desired shape and nail polishing is performed.
  • The next step will be filing of the free edge with the help of a special device and a special diamond nozzles of inverted form.
  • Next is the cuticle treatment with the help of the same device. But, of course, the nozzle has to be different. After cuticle removal it is the high time to polish the cuticle.
  • Next, using cotton pad and special disinfectant it is recommended to remove all the residues. A special stick has to be used in order to clean the nail sinus and to remove dirt from under the nail.
  • Further the specialist usually use an acicular nozzle and move downwards carefully to work the side of nail ridges.
  • With the help of silicone tips the nail is polished. Polishing begins with coarser nozzles, which is changed into the equipment with less level of rigidity. This kind of polishing isn’t performed at high speeds.
  • Further, it is necessary to use a special nozzle to grind the feet. After the polishing process the feet are massaged and the special cream is applied.

Light pedicure looks terrific in summer.

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