Relaxing spa pedicures can be given in any salon.

SPA procedures in pedicure salon

The ways of SPA-pedicure performing

  • if necessary, remove the remnants of the old vanish.
  • the skin is treated with special solutions, which are able to soften, to moisturize, to deodorize and to disinfect your feet;
  • superficial exfoliation and hydration of the skin;
  • the calluses are removed using special solutions;
  • deep peeling with scrubs, the calluses are removed without the use of any blades;
  • a prepared mask is applied to the feet skin for 5-10 minutes. It helps to soften, to moisturize, to relieve fatigue and pain;
  • massage is performed for 10-15 minutes;
  • the feet skin is covered by special solution, that prevents the appearance of different cracks, calluses and dry places: it softens, moisturizes and protects the newly formed young skin;
  • if the client wishes the nails can be covered by color polish.

Professional spa pedicures are given in the salon.

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